A Boy’s Work Ethic.


Give a boy a video game and he’ll play for hours with nothing to show. Give a boy a project and he’ll shine.

For months Mother Nature kept us in her tightly-clenched fist of cold and snow. Pinky Swear Farm was beaten day after day by bone-chilling temps, wind that made my teeth chatter, knee-deep snow or rain that came down fast and sideways. Many mornings had me pulling the covers back over my head and praying not to wake up until temps were above 40.

Then this weekend happened.

Anticipating a couple of rare spring-like days, I headed to the farm with Jack and his friend, Johari. My plan: reclaim the farm!

Jack and Johari jumped at the chance to help me and make a little spending money in the process. Saturday morning, with no urging from me, they were up and out the door by 8am to tackle the laundry list of To-Do items even I was dreading.

They started the day ridding the pond of cattails. Then they moved on to mulching the flower garden and tilling the enormous vegetable garden. Without taking a break for lunch they went straight on to planting trees and lining the driveway with large rocks.

Not one single time did they complain or get distracted from their mission. They didn’t check their phones or text friends.

They worked, and they worked hard.

These young men put to rest any judgment of kids today not having a strong work ethic. They worked long, hard, and with can-do attitudes. Jack and Johari proved there’s great pride in working hard and a job well done. As a parent, I couldn’t ask for a greater gift.

Mulching tilling


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