Privacy please!

Anybody who has been to the farm knows that all the newer doors in my home have been replaced with vintage doors, many of which are more than 100 years old. Keeping with the historical feel of the property, each door has its original paint and hardware. No door is the same. It’s a great look and feel for the restored log cabin that pre-dates 1846.

The former main level bathroom door was a solid boring white door with no character whatsoever. It was replaced with an old green school room door with a large window. The door window allows the light from the bathroom window to shine brightly into the family room. The downside is that anybody using the bathroom never gets privacy. But that’s all changed now.

This weekend my good friend Diane added artwork to the bathroom window made up of the Pinky Swear Farm logo. I love it! She was able to make the window looked like it’s made from etched glass yet still allow light from the window to shine into the family room. The small subtle change keeps with the character of the property yet gives my guests the privacy they need.

I continue to enjoy the farm. It’s fun making changes to the property that give the feel of days past yet add comforts expected in today’s homes. Next projects include restoring the old barn, updating a bathroom, and adding solar electricity to the property.

Visitors warmly welcomed! So please private message me and let me know when you’ll be in the area.



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