Cut your own firewood!

Last winter was a doozy! It brought a huge ice storm along with heaps of snow and frigid temps across the region. The ice storm snapped trees in two and brought down other 100 year old gigantic trees at Pinky Swear Farm.

Fall is on our doorstep. There’s already a chill and crispness to the air. Winter and nights by the fireplace are not far behind. Now is the time to prepare for the cold days and nights ahead.

On Saturday, October 11, you’re invited to stock up on some mighty fine firewood! Cut, remove, haul, and fill your car trunk or pick-up truck bed for $150! Fit as much as you can in a single vehicle: the price is still the same. Trailers and commercial vehicles excluded.

This opportunity is only available on October 11. Cutting of firewood is strictly limited to only those trees currently laying on the ground. It is strictly prohibited to chop/cut any other trees. Must be at least 18. Must provide your own equipment. You are responsible for cutting, removing, and hauling your own firewood.

For more information please call/text Robyn Porter at 703-963-0142; email



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