My grandma taught me to spell and the meaning of words while playing endless hours of Scrabble during the summers I spent at her home on Lake Tipsico. She taught me kitchen secrets and how to make delicious chocolate chip cookies. She taught me how to be proud and walk tall in the midst of adversity and physical ailments. She liked to take long walks, be independent, speak her mind, and demand her pecan pie when we were too slow to serve it after Thanksgiving dinner. She had a great smile, loud laugh, and warm hug for everyone, even strangers. She loved her family more the life. She grew up so poor she decorated her waist-high Christmas tree with only strung popcorn from used thread. That particular year she was sincerely delighted when she received a precious orange on Christmas morning, especially when she expected far worse because her dad had learned she secretly cut down that tree from a neighbor’s yard. Her giving spirit has made her richer than I ever hope to be as witnessed by a lifetime of family and friends gathering at her bedside to say goodbye as she gracefully leaves this world to join her two sons who went before her. She will be greatly missed but always cherished and loved. Sleep well grandma. I love you now and forever.



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