Be a Farmer for a Day!

spring at the farm 5.3.14

Pinky Swear Farm is a little slice of heaven in Carroll County, Maryland, just south of the Mason-Dixon Line. The farm is a special place where each day brings new discoveries and experiences which humble me, surprise me, or leave me awestruck. Now you can experience Pinky Swear Farm too.

The 20-acre farm includes the farmhouse which is an updated log-cabin pre-dating 1847; a vintage barn built in c.1919 that is home to miniature donkeys, goats, and chickens; a summer kitchen and springhouse; a 1/4-acre pond with large-mouth bass, crappie and bluegill; an overflowing vegetable garden and small orchard of fruit trees; a meadow and meandering stream home to deer and other wildlife; and acres of forest to explore.

You can now visit Pinky Swear Farm and be a Farmer for a day. There’s lots to do: tend to animals, clean stalls, work in the garden, farm maintenance, pond maintenance, trim trees and other landscaping needs, and so much more. Or simply come to the farm and sit on the front porch sipping sweet ice tea. Do as little or as much as you’d like.

The Farmer for a Day Package includes lunch and fishing. Price: $115, per person.

For more information, please contact Robyn at 703-963-0142 or email


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