What I’ve Learned from the Poisoning of My Dogs.

Pinky & Ellie fully recovered.

Pinky & Ellie fully recovered.

Last week two of my three Boxer dogs became the unfortunate victims of an accidental poisoning from eating something in the yard. It was a scary event for everyone involved. But I’m happy to report they are both doing well and are back to their regular shenanigans.

During this incident I’ve learned a few things. Some are commonsense but they bear reinforcing should something similar happen to your pet.

  • Learn where the local 24-hr emergency vet care is located. Do this as part of your overall home safety plan. Scrambling for help is nerve wracking when you’re worried about the health of your pet.
  • If you think your pet has eaten something harmful take photos with your phone that you can show to the vet. This may help in determining what course of action to take by the doctor.
  • Your Facebook friends are an untapped resource of useful information. Let your friends know what’s going on. Perhaps they’ve been through something similar and can offer help, especially if you can’t get to a vet quickly.
  • If you sense something is wrong with your pet don’t wait to get to the vet. It’s better to be safe than sorry. I was told one of my dogs was so sick had I waited until the morning she probably wouldn’t have made it.
  • Speak up if you don’t like the way the doctor is responding to your situation. If you’re not going to advocate for your pet don’t expect anyone else to.

Hopefully you’ll never need these tips. But if you do, I hope it ends well! If there’s any advice you’d like to add, I welcome your suggestions.

Here’s to happy and healthy pets!


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