A choice to stop the mommy war.


Choice: I was a single mom the second I gave birth. Not a choice: I was laid off from my job and became a full-time at-home mom when my son was about one. Choice: I got married when Jack was nearly four and became a “working” mother who went to the office everyday. I’ve been poor; I’ve been rich. I’ve had help; I’ve done things myself. Being an at-home mom or one that goes into the office, married or single, we all have the same goal: to raise our children as productive members of society. Our burdens may be different but they shouldn’t be belittled. One mom’s station in life isn’t better or worse than another. It’s just different. We should celebrate the chance to be a parent, for many are not allowed this choice.

Stop beating each other up.

We should support our sisters, our friends, our family in the choices they make. Those choices may not be our own, but why should they be? We are all in this together, so let’s raise the boat. Not sink the ship. We are all doing the best we can.


4 responses to “A choice to stop the mommy war.

  1. Well said! I was a single parent for most of my children’s upbringing, and agree completely that the choices one person makes are not necessarily appropriate for another person. Depending on circumstances, our choices can be good, or can be mistakes. What is good at the time for my situation is not always the same as what may be good for another. I chose to make some major changes in my life to help me/us deal with our situation. It was difficult, sometimes frustrating, and for a while I was second-guessing myself often. But it ultimately proved to be the right thing…. for us as a family.
    Thank you for your inspirational blogs. You are doing good!

    • Thanks Steve. It’s nice to see the man’s perspective. Sometimes we forget, myself included, that many fathers have the same challenges as mothers. I’m glad things worked out well for you and your family.

  2. I love your phrase, “Let’s raise the boat and not sink the ship.” This is inspiring Robyn. I always thought I’d be a stay at home mom, I was an early nester by every sense of the word, I went to law school to get the degree just to have it. I was to work until my husband got his business off the ground he did but by then I was well ensconced in the legal field and I loved what I did. I realize that my kids didn’t get exactly the upbringing I thought I was going to give them; it was different and hopefully no less better.

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