More than just an old red barn.

Red barn This is one of my favorite views from the farm house. The old red barn is striking against the gray of winter and is home to six miniature donkeys and six Pygmy goats. The structure was built in 1901. Repairs have been made and more are needed, but the barn has weathered time well. As eye-catching as the barn is it hides the smaller details and stories in the photo.

Look closer and you’ll see fresh life emerging from the recently potted garlic. The bulbs, which I brought home from a recent trip to Umbria, will make their way into my garden and then onto my kitchen table. A simple glance toward the pots and my thoughts go to warmer spring days and soon-to-be forgotten memories of the Polar Vortex. Atop the barn is an antique Boxer weathervane, representing my love for the breed. If I had to choose another name for Pinky Swear Farm it would be Three Boxers Run Farm for Sam, Pinky, Ellie, who show boundless energy and can be seen running and exploring every inch of the property. The bare dogwood tree was probably missed too. The tree’s far reaching branches are dormant with white blossoms waiting to burst forth and signal spring has arrived! Beneath the tree Mary resides. She was rescued from an abandoned Baltimore church that was about to be demolished. The footprints belong to me and the dogs. Mine lead to the barn to feed the animals. The dog prints have no rhyme or reason except to say we had fun chasing each other in the snow!

Come visit Pinky Swear Farm and find your favorite view. While here create your own story and leave its traces for others to find.


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