There once was a boy …

My boy at the pond.

My boy at the pond.

The love between a parent and child is unlike any other. From the moment my son, Jack, was placed in my arms a potent love so deep and strong began to build into what can only be explained as my breath of life. Without him I would be lost. Jack is now 15, and while he makes me prouder with each passing day it hasn’t all be rosy. As he learns to become an independent man our strong personalities clash and we can test each others patience. He has my stubborn attitude and is convinced he knows better than me. He’s messy, sometimes smelly, and hugs can be rare. At times I wonder if I’m guiding him well and being a good parent. This morning I got my answer. Here’s is the letter (typed as written) I received today from Jack:

“Mom’s Christmas Letter, 2013

Mom… In simple words you are amazing, awesome, stunning, a great parent, and even better friend. There are no words that really can completely describe you though. I might make you mad, I know. But deep inside I love you. You have helped me up when I was down, dusted me off and told me to keep going. You are an inspiration to me. I follow in your footsteps. There might be times when I push your buttons…sorry. I really want this message to be about how awesome you are, how much you have done for me and thank you. I love you when we joke around. It makes me feel good. I love when I need help and I can look to you. I always need someone, either you or dad, for help. Thank you. This is just a short little piece about a great woman.

Thank you Mom. I love you.”

Yes, there was once a boy. But that boy has definitely become a wonderful young man. I love you too, Jack. More than you’ll ever know. Even more than chocolate.



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