A goat and chicken cross the road …

Chickens 11.10.13

This past summer I took in two wayward goats who had wandered from their farm. Adorable and frightened, they needed a home until their owners could be found and I couldn’t resist them. They enjoyed the company of my other Pygmy goats and miniature donkeys for about two weeks before their owners were found and came to claim them. I like to think Cody and Pie were on their own summer vacation adventure. (Something I can  relate to!)

Fast forward three months…

I came home to a note on my door from Cody and Pie’s owners. The owners were facing personal struggles and could no longer care for the little lovelies. They were hoping I could  take in the goats. My response, “of course!” Ten days later the little wanderers joined their buddies back in the Pinky Swear Farm barnyard. Today brought even more goodness. This morning the same owners brought me their last two animals; chickens that formerly shared the yard with Cody and Pie. It was like Old Home Week and it was awesome! While bittersweet for the owners to be giving up their pets, they were thrilled all four would be cared for, loved and back together again.

People cross our paths for a reason, with some reasons more obvious than others. Last July I had no idea two little adventuresome critters would become permanent fixtures at the farm. Perhaps fate was sending them to me as a dry-run to see if they’d fit in. Nor did I believe I’d be adding chickens to my menagerie. But what the heck, this farm girl-in-training is up for the challenge. After all, we’ve all been a little lost, needed a home, or a needed a helping hand. It seems quite fitting for them to call Pinky Swear Farm home.


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