Farmlife lessons.

Apple and Duke

Just over a year into this never-boring adventure of owning Pinky Swear Farm, I’ve learned:

1. Weedless gardens only grow in magazines.

2. On a frosty morning a feather-down duvet on my bed is more necessary than a man in my bed.

3. There will be mud. And lots of it.

4. If it can be shot, it can be eaten. That includes squirrels.

5. You really do rise with the chickens, even if they’re not yours.

6. “Neighborly” is alive and well in America.

7. Cobwebs will be the last remaining thing on the planet.

8. To a goat, “Donkey” is just another word for Jungle Gym.

9. On a warm sunny day music sounds much better in a big pick-up truck with the windows down and your hair blowing in the wind.

10. Bugs are much scarier in the city than in a dark barn.

11. A well-worn pair of boots can be your best friend.

12. Gun shots are common. Get use to it or move. Better yet, own a gun and learn how to use it.

13. Hunting season is more exciting than Christmas morning to most men.

14. Owning power tools and knowing how to use them never goes out of style.

15. Plant more than you need and share your bounty.

16. There’s a difference between hay and straw. Know what it is.

17. Giving a kid a fishing pole builds more character than giving him a video game.

18.  Never be afraid to get dirty. That’s why soap was invented.

19. Any dog can become a farm dog.

20. Things break. Learn how to fix them. Or know someone who does.

21. Cutting grass is more relaxing than a massage.

22. Having good neighbors is like winning the lottery everyday.

23. Lying in bed watching the sun break the tree tops and hearing my donkeys bey never gets old.

See you at the farm soon! Have a great day.


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