Daddy’s Blue Boat

Blue Boat

My little blue boat was delivered today and with it a story of fathers and sons and lost time. I thought I was just getting a great addition to the pond for catching fish or lazily floating around to pass the long, hot days of summer. So it was a special surprise when “John” the elderly boat maker told me this story:

“I only started building boats last year. I’d have started sooner but I was busy working two jobs, raising kids and paying the mortgage. But then my dad died. He died one Father’s Day a couple years back. My dad was pretty handy and one of his favorite things to build were boats. He always wanted to build one with me but I never had the time. While going through his things my mama found plans for some boats. I’m sorry I didn’t have the time back then to build a boat, but I’m making time now. It’s my way of remembering my daddy. This here boat I made for myself but now it’s yours. The next boat I’m building is just for me and my wife so I can take her fishing.”

Seems my little blue boat is pretty special. In a matter of minutes it naturally found its place on the water and became a part of the Pinky Swear Farm history. It’s now my constant reminder to cherish loved ones and not take things for granted. Days can be long but life it short and our time here floats gently away like a boat on the water. XOXO


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