Simple pleasures.

Flowers from Jack

Today while I was cleaning stalls Jack came round the corner and said “come here, mom. I have something to give you.” From behind his back he revealed a delicate red wildflower he picked from our back meadow. Here he was, riding his ATV out to his hunting trail cameras, and he saw something pretty and thought I should have it. Earlier today he gave me hug just because. I love that kid. This morning I woke up to the gift of music from a dear friend because the person wanted me to hear it. All I had to do was download it to my iPod. This afternoon good friends came to Pinky Swear to help me tackle the tomatoes in the garden and they came bearing the makings of a delicious dinner. These gestures mean more to me than any expensive gift. They’re simple, sincere, and from the heart. I’m one lucky and thankful girl to have so many amazing, special people in my life.


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