Why Pinky Swear?

Farm panorama

When I was a young girl Colorado was a popular vacation destination for my family. While I grew up in the suburbs there was something about the wide open spaces of the Rocky Mountains that spoke to me … “come play in the forest, camp by the river, and day dream in the open fields.” Sometimes I felt as if I was a country girl trapped in the big city hustle and bustle. At some point during my pig-tail years I made a pinky swear (i.e. a promise) to myself that I’d own a farm someday that would bring me the same peace I found in those mountains. Time went on and that pig-tail girl turned into a woman with the responsibilities of motherhood and employment but that pinky swear was always in the back of my mind just itching to burst out. While there were challenges that made me think my dream would never happen I forged ahead, staying positive, saving money, and believing I could make it happen. In 2012 my dream became a reality when I bought what I now call Pinky Swear Farm.

The 20-acre farm includes an updated log-cabin home pre-dating 1847; a vintage barn built c.1919 that is home to my my herd of miniature donkeys, goats and chickens; a summer kitchen and spring house; a 1/4-acre pond stocked with large-mouth bass; a newly planted garden over-flowing with vegetables and small orchard of fruit trees; a meadow and meandering stream filled deer and other wildlife; and acres of forest to explore. It really is a little slice of heaven. Every day brings new discoveries and experiences that humble me, surprise me, or strike me with awe. Pinky Swear truly is a special place and this blog will allow me to record and share moments from my part-time life as a farm girl in-training.

Please visit Pinky Swear Farm and experience its awesomeness. The door is always open.


6 responses to “Why Pinky Swear?

  1. That’s a nice story Robyn I was wondering you called the farm that name…And I would love to come visit some day and wouldn’t even mind the work love animals and veggies…

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  3. Pingback: Happy Birthday Pinky Swear Farm! | Pinky Swear Farm·

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